SC Spheres
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SC Spheres provides a unique and modern platform for South African boards that seamlessly integrates a digital repository for distributing and storing important documents with an electronic board pack solution for managing and holding meetings. The platform offers users a clean interface that can be customised to the different needs across the organisation, be it a listed company or a pension fund, and can be accessed from any device and operate in any setting (even on the plane with no internet connectivity).
Six key features set SC Spheres apart from other meeting pack solutions:
secure data
Most boards are emailing meeting material out to attendees without proper consideration of the need for security to protect the content of the documents. Once the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act comes into force there will be severe sanctions for boards that compromise personal information. Even paper agenda packs will need to be more carefully controlled under POPI with the need for safe storage and/or the shredding of documents containing personal information.
SC Spheres provides a secure environment for the distribution of confidential and personal information by using the latest public key encryption algorithms. Documents are encrypted when stored in the SC Spheres’ data centre and in transit between the data centre and the users’ devices. Each user has a unique set of keys (passwords) protecting their documents and SC Spheres gives users the option to clear all documents (digitally shred) from their devices.
SC Spheres allows the delegation of administration functions to any user by using the same interface for both user and administrator. This means that preparing meeting packs and loading important documents can be delegated to the most appropriate person and not limited to only trained administrators. This removes the reliance on administrators for the set up and distribution of meeting agenda packs.
Closed board meetings can then be accommodated on the same SC Spheres platform with user access restricted to only the board members and senior officers. The public key encryption security is such that even the developers of SC Spheres cannot access the content of the documents stored in the SC Spheres data centre.
moving forward
Many boards struggle with the conversion from paper to digital agenda packs, and often board members insist on having both paper and electronic versions of their agenda packs. SC Spheres has a feature that will allow board administrators to generate printable PDFs for those board members who want to retain paper agenda packs. SC Spheres generates page numbering, adds a table of contents and allow the administrator to display an organisation’s logo and branding on the cover page of the printable PDF.
The administrator's time in collating and printing agenda packs is reduced dramatically with the printable PDF functionality of SC Spheres. Plus the agenda documents are already loaded onto the SC Spheres platform should a board member require an electronic agenda pack.
A move to an electronic agenda pack for meetings is the first step in the journey to a paperless organisation. The SC Sphere platform has been built to support organisations in this journey with a pipeline of features that include chat environments for online decision making, electronic signatures for the legal execution of digital contracts and interfaces with digital dashboards. The sliding scale pricing also makes it feasible to extend the SC Spheres platform beyond the boardroom.
The SC Spheres platform was developed by a local South African team that provided the web development and support for the Competition Commission Health Market Inquiry. This local development team can be made available to organisations wanting to customise the platform to cover sales, customer service or human resource management. To this extent, SC Spheres acts as a proof-of-concept for a broader digital journey.
The Experience
SC Spheres platform has been built using an Open Source operating system to take advantages of technologies such as PostgreSQL, Docker, React, Django and NGINX. This not only provides a more secure platform but also a user experience that is modern, intuitive and responsive. The user experience is the stand out feature of the platform and you are encouraged to test it out for yourself.
The SC Spheres experience is identical whatever device is used to access the platform. This is achieved by exploiting the improved functionality of web browsers that matches the experience of native applications in most areas. Web browsers are far more accessible to South African mobile users and is the preferred platform for digital transformation.
The Price
The price is another stand out feature of the platform. The popular international electronic agenda services are offered at a significantly higher price.
SC Spheres is priced as a monthly fee that covers access to the platform, cloud-based storage of documents, training and support. The 2020 fee schedule is set out below:

Monthly fee
(excluding VAT)
Fee for each of the first 10 users
Fee for each of the next 10 users
Fee for each user after the first 20 users
Fee Calculator
R 0 / month (including VAT)
No-obligations 30-day Trial
A sample agenda pack can be loaded onto your own SC Spheres platform for a no-obligation 30-day trial. All you need to do is let us have your details below along with a name for your platform (organisation name) in the form below:
You will be given administration rights on your platform and will be able to test out all of the functionality including:
  • the ability to invite users to the platform (email invitations will be sent out from the platform)
  • the ability to create a meeting pack (either from scratch or using the template from an existing pack)
  • the option to add files to the meeting pack (the platform can handle PDFs, Word, PowerPoint or Excel files)
  • the option to alert users to the new pack (email notifications will be sent out from the platform)
  • the option to assign users to different groups (to manage access to the different meeting packs)