SC Spheres
Share confidential information with people inside and outside your organisation
SC Spheres is easy to set up and simple to use. It will change how you manage meetings and take decisions remotely.

Meeting packs

Add agenda items, notes and documents. Notify the relevant people when you're done. Create and share annotations on documents to facilitate discussion.

Archive doucuments

A central place for your organisations important documents. Onboard a new team member by adding them to your platform, giving them access to a wealth of information.

Work offline

SC Spheres continues working without an internet connection. Make content available offline to sync it to your device. Annotate documents while offline and sync them when you're next online.

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  • “I am professional advisor to a large pension fund that has been using the SC Spheres platform for their trustee and committee meeting agenda packs and for archiving historic documents.  The trustees access the platform from a combination of tablets and laptops. You are able to transfer seamlessly across devices and the platform experience is the same whether online and offline. The trustees have a wide range of IT skills and experience, but all are easily able to utilise the platform and meetings run very efficiently. Under Covid-19 lockdown, the platform has worked well for both MS Teams and Zoom meetings.”
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