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Why Us


SC Spheres has been designed to be straightforward and intuitive. Get up and running in minutes on any device, without having to wade through pages of documentation.
Administration functions can be delegated to any user. The administration user interface is the same as the regular user interface with a few more options. Preparing meeting packs and loading important documents can be delegated to the most appropriate person, and is not limited to only trained administrators.


Secure email
Most boards are sharing confidential documents via email, without proper security measures in place. SC Spheres provides a secure environment for the distribution of confidential information. Data is encrypted when it is stored on our servers, as well as when it is transmitted to our user's devices. For enhanced security, every organisation on SC Spheres is isolated from every other organisation.
SC Spheres undergoes routine third party security audits. Please contact us for more information.


Many boards struggle with the conversion from paper to digital agenda packs. Board members often insist on having both paper and electronic versions of their agenda packs. SC Spheres can generate printable PDFs for board members who prefer paper agenda packs, saving valuable administrator time.
A move to an electronic agenda pack for meetings is the first step in the journey to a paperless organisation. SC Spheres platform has been designed to support organisations in this journey by allowing them to store all their important meetings and documents in one central place.

The Experience

SC Spheres provides a modern, clean and responsive user experience. This experience is identical on laptops, tablets and smart phones. This is a stand out feature of the platform and you are encouraged to test it out for yourself.
SC Spheres has been optimised to run very smoothly even on low powered devices.

Why Choose SC Spheres?

In a world teeming with digital solutions, SC Spheres stands out with its unique approach to secure information management. Here are compelling reasons to choose SC Spheres for your organisation's needs:

  1. Unparalleled Security:

    At SC Spheres, we prioritise the security of your data above all else. Our advanced encryption protocols ensure that every piece of information shared through our platform is protected against unauthorised access.

  2. Efficiency and Productivity:

    Our platform is designed to enhance your organisation's efficiency. With features like paperless meetings and e-signatures, we streamline your processes, saving time and resources.

  3. Compliance and Reliability:

    Navigating the complexities of compliance is effortless with SC Spheres. Our tools are built to align with global compliance standards, providing you with a reliable and trustworthy platform.

  4. User-Friendly Experience:

    We believe that high-end security should not come at the cost of usability. Our intuitive interface ensures a smooth user experience, making secure communication accessible to everyone in your organisation.

  5. Customised Solutions:

    Every organisation is unique, and so are its needs. SC Spheres offers customisable solutions tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring you get the most out of our platform.

  6. Dedicated Support:

    Our commitment to your success goes beyond just providing a platform. We offer dedicated support to ensure seamless integration and continuous operation, making sure you are never alone in your journey towards secure digital transformation.

Choose SC Spheres and join a growing community of organisations who trust us to protect their most valuable asset - information. With SC Spheres, you’re not just choosing a service; you're choosing a partner in secure and efficient information management.

Why SC Spheres?
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